Dan Moorhouse theft case

KDLHS stands for Keighley and District Local History Society.

kdlhs.org.uk is the domain name stolen from Keighley and District Local History Society by the convicted thief Dan Moorhouse.

As part of a 2013 Heritage Lottery Fund grant Moorhouse was supposed to register the kdlhs.org.uk domain name for the society’s new website but actually registered it in his own name and later claimed it was his property.

He also stole all the money from the grant by deception and forging cheques and spent a lot of it at the local pub feeding his alcohol and pool playing addiction.

Moorhouse was convicted of this theft in 2014. He was ordered by the court to repay £8000 of the money back by January 15th 2015 but failed to pay even a penny back to the society.

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